July 29, 2010


Last year I decided that it would be manageable to be a full time student, a wife, and have two jobs - one was overnight... Well, let me tell you that it did NOT work. Here was my routine most of the days: wake up at 5am, work from 6am to 2pm, go straight to school and have classes until 7pm, go home to hang out with hubby, eat, nap then go to work from 10pm to 5am. UFFF No need to say that I had no time for crafts!! =(

I made a couple things through the year, which hopefully I will have time to share, since I quit one of my jobs.

This spring I planted a couple Gazania's seeds and here they are:





Gazania 3

The seed pack that I have is a mix so I tried to plant only the same color seed but the flowers are a little different.But I have no complaints because Gazanias are one of my favorite flowers and this was my first time planting anything from seed so I am in love with them!!

I plan on starting more flowers from seeds next spring, I just hope I will succeed.

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