April 16, 2011

*I Killed My Marigolds*

Someone once told me that marigolds are one of the easiest plants to grow... Well, I killed mine.

Last summer I bought some seed starting mix on clearance to get 'ahead' on the next season, so I thought. I started my flower seeds on early February in takeout containers, it was a success - until I ran into a couple of problems:

a)most of the lids were not tall enough to accommodate the sprouts
b)it was very difficult to replant the seedlings because they were together in a container

I am a very clumsy person so I dropped a couple of containers which killed some of my seedlings and when that happened I became very frustrated and neglected the rest of them. That's when I killed my marigolds, I didn't open the container for several days and the seedlings overheated. Shame on me, i know... Not all of the flowers died, some dahlias, bachelor buttons, poppies and violas survived. But I lost marigolds, phloxes, coleus, coneflowers, gazanias, pansies, canterbury bells, carnations, cosmos and convolvulus.

I don't have extra seeds for some of those flowers so I will have to wait until next year to try again because I refuse to but more seeds for this season.

I started more seeds this week and some have already sprouted after 3 days! I still fell bad for neglecting my plants but I hope I can keep the rest of them alive so I can have a pretty garden through summer.

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March 23, 2011

*Apple Cozy*

I realize that fruit cozies are an unnecessary accessory but this apple cozy is so adorable, just like the pattern's name suggest, I couldn't resist.

Apple Cozy

Apple Cozy

Apple Cozy

Pattern: Adorable Apple Cozy
Yarn: Peaches & Creme
Hook: G/4.0mm

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March 21, 2011

*Amelia Hat*

I made this hat over a year ago, this pattern is easy and I am very pleased with the result.

Black Hat

Gray Flower Brooch

Pattern: Amelia
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Hook: I/5.5mm

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August 8, 2010

*Christine Bag*

This project has been on my queue for over a year, this bag is just adorable. Yesterday I went to Joann and the size 17 needles were on clearance for $0.97 and I just couldn't let it pass, of course I had to buy yarn to go with the needles. Unfortunately I only bought one skein which I already used. Now the bag is on hold in need of yarn.

Here is a picture of the purse in progress.

Christine Bag In Progress

Cable detail.

Christine Bag In Progress - Cable Detail

Pattern: Christine Bag
Yarn: Hometown USA
Needle: US 17/12.75 mm

This pattern is pretty easy to follow and I just can't wait to finish it! =)

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July 29, 2010


Last year I decided that it would be manageable to be a full time student, a wife, and have two jobs - one was overnight... Well, let me tell you that it did NOT work. Here was my routine most of the days: wake up at 5am, work from 6am to 2pm, go straight to school and have classes until 7pm, go home to hang out with hubby, eat, nap then go to work from 10pm to 5am. UFFF No need to say that I had no time for crafts!! =(

I made a couple things through the year, which hopefully I will have time to share, since I quit one of my jobs.

This spring I planted a couple Gazania's seeds and here they are:





Gazania 3

The seed pack that I have is a mix so I tried to plant only the same color seed but the flowers are a little different.But I have no complaints because Gazanias are one of my favorite flowers and this was my first time planting anything from seed so I am in love with them!!

I plan on starting more flowers from seeds next spring, I just hope I will succeed.

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July 29, 2009

*Rose Beret*

I am trying to get ready for winter so I made this hat. It did not come out as I expected, which I notice it was pretty big on the third row, but since it was such a small project I kept going. I am glad I did it because I love the result. =)

Rose Beret

Rose Beret

Rose Beret

Pattern: Robin's Egg Blue Hat
Yarn: Lion Suede
Needle: US 10/6.0 mm

The pattern is pretty easy to follow and this is a very quick project. I think it took me 4 hours to make it.

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