April 16, 2011

*I Killed My Marigolds*

Someone once told me that marigolds are one of the easiest plants to grow... Well, I killed mine.

Last summer I bought some seed starting mix on clearance to get 'ahead' on the next season, so I thought. I started my flower seeds on early February in takeout containers, it was a success - until I ran into a couple of problems:

a)most of the lids were not tall enough to accommodate the sprouts
b)it was very difficult to replant the seedlings because they were together in a container

I am a very clumsy person so I dropped a couple of containers which killed some of my seedlings and when that happened I became very frustrated and neglected the rest of them. That's when I killed my marigolds, I didn't open the container for several days and the seedlings overheated. Shame on me, i know... Not all of the flowers died, some dahlias, bachelor buttons, poppies and violas survived. But I lost marigolds, phloxes, coleus, coneflowers, gazanias, pansies, canterbury bells, carnations, cosmos and convolvulus.

I don't have extra seeds for some of those flowers so I will have to wait until next year to try again because I refuse to but more seeds for this season.

I started more seeds this week and some have already sprouted after 3 days! I still fell bad for neglecting my plants but I hope I can keep the rest of them alive so I can have a pretty garden through summer.

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